Monday, November 24, 2014

BOL Family Program providing Rozgar upgrading Public Transport: Simply CSR or Brilliant Marketing Strategy?

With so many statements of intent in the past few months, BOL Media Group has certainly caused more than just a buzz in the market about its imminent arrival straight into the top tier of Pakistani media channels.

After dazzling the public with their tremendous plans, such as having the best paid employees and providing a alluring array of facilities (publicized as the BOL lifestyle) , BOL seems focused on acquiring the best mix of talent and experience in the Pakistani media industry. It has accomplished that with the like of KamranKhan and Waseem badami.

Now, BOL, as part of its tremendous CSR, has launched the BOL Rozgar campaign; and that too, all over Pakistan. According to BOL Group’s official press release, “BOL creates employment opportunities by upgrading more than 20,000 public transport vehicles across Pakistan.”

Through this initiative, BOL will definitely add positivity to d├ęcor of the public transport system of Pakistan, provide countless people with additional income and provide free repairs for these vehicles all over Pakistan. 

This smart CSR initiative will do wonders for BOL Media Group’s image all over Pakistan but just consider that how many folds will it increase the visibility and recognition of Brand Name among the masses. While many brands in Pakistan have opted for vehicle branding, it seems to be the first time any brand has merged this activity with CSR perspective by upgrading the public transport all over Pakistan. Now that surely qualifies as genius marketing; shooting two birds with one stone!

As a marketer, you cannot find a single glitch in the promotional strategy of BOL’s marketing team. Taking into account all that BOL has done over the last few months and culminating into this clever CSR idea. This campaign has just added to the immense buzz the media group has generated and has only increased the anticipation of what are we marketing spectators going to enjoy when BOL is about to hit the airwaves?

Movie Review: FURY. WW II Revisited

Over the years there have been many movies focusing on World War 2 in particular. Some have been simply ordinary, but some have truly left us speechless. However, the continuing trend shows that the focus has been on the story of one hero or a regiment. Now we can see how Fury is different.

Here's a hint, It can withstand enormous punishment, and is able to annihilate countless foes. Fury  focuses on a WW2 tank named Fury which more than held its own against German tanks despite being just a medium-seized tank.

In addition, Brad Pitt's charisma made the entire movie even more incredible to watch as each scene was amplified even more. The Hollywood superstar gave an outstanding performance and was supported ably by the likes of Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal and Michael Pena.

The cinematography and special effects were fantastic making it a must-watch 3-D experience. Some of the action sequences were truly mind-boggling giving it a real WW2 feel.

Apart from some dragging sequences, Fury  keeps the audience enthralled till the end and has enough action to keep your mouth open for over an hour.  Hence, its definitely 2 thumbs up for Fury!

 **MPAA Rating:* R for strong sequences of war violence, some grisly images and language*