Saturday, July 5, 2014

LG unveiled the World’s first Curved OLED TV in Pakistan

LG Electronics unveiled the World’s First Curved OLED TV for the first time in Pakistan.The revolutionary display caught the attention of all attending media and shoppers at a busy lavish mall in Karachi. Captivated by the depth of the display and the unique television-shape, the audience was treated to a product overview that highlighted the innovative product features of the CURVED OLED TV.

Crowds gathered to admire the CURVED OLED TV (55EA9800) which features perfect contrast, absolute motion clarity and a display that produces a pristine image no matter the viewing angle. LG Electronics also showcased comprehensive range of ULTRA HD TVs by adding the screen size 55”& 65”(LA9700)to the existing 84” ULTRA HD, completing a product line-up that signals the brand’s commitment to premium design and ground-breaking technology.
“The Home Entertainment sector is fueled by constant change and growth with new products entering the market every day. LG is committed to lead that growth, offering the latest and innovative entertainment products to enhance your entertainment experience in Pakistan,” said Mr. Michael Ha, Director of LG Electronics Pakistan. “We’re in a strong market position globally, carving out a reputation of delivering technology solutions that matter to you. The user experience with the CURVED OLED TV is unique to anything else in the market right now. Our main goal and is to deliver products that make life better for you.”
The World’s First CURVEDOLED TV pixels light themselves, instead of relying on a lamp or backlight. This makes color and light representations far more accurate than ever before. 4.3mm screen size immersed superior color expression, generate less heat and use less electricity. OLED TV has the most perfect viewing angle. No distortions. The World’s First CURVED OLED TV combines LG’s exceptional 4 Color pixel WRGB and HD technologies, enabling it to produce infinite contrast ratio and resolution which 1000 times faster than regular FULL HD LED.
The design of the television won the Red Dot design: best of the best award in March followed by multiple Quality and Performance awards from TÜV Rheinland and Intertek.
LG will continue to solidify its position as a provider of “first ever” products by developing a range of industry leading OLED TVs.

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