Friday, January 24, 2014

A Glimpse at the Lifestyles of Pakistani CEOs - The Astonishing Figures

 Ever imagined what it would be like to earn an eight-figure salary? Drive a luxury car? Fly around in chartered jets? That’s the life of a modern CEO!


In addition to overseeing the tasks of the higher management, CEOs represent the face of a company and synonymously face the brunt of the publicity aimed at the company, be it positive or negative. This claim is even more applicable for CEOs of the media world; they are always in the limelight, even more so than their counterparts from other industries.

However, the compensation and benefits offered to CEOs are unparalleled when compared with the rest of the employment positions. The salary, benefits and stock options combined can make a handsome package. Of course, this figure varies depending on the company that the CEO works for.

On average, a CEO in the media industry takes home somewhere around $600,000 to $2 million (around 8 million Pakistani rupees per month!) annually. Apart from that, the company can also offer a car, stock options and other benefits. Apparently, this depends on the company and the perceived worth of the CEO. One thing we can ascertain is that CEO is the best compensated job title that one can have.

Talking about the Pakistani media industry, most of the companies offer good packages for their CEOs which include additional commissions and benefits apart from the basic salary. The average CEO working in the media industry commands a salary of Rs. 2 million to Rs.4 million monthly.  In addition to that, most of them get a company car and commissions based on the content their channel runs. An example of this is Yousuf Baig Mirza of PTV Network who was afforded a monthly commission in addition to his salary, based on advertising revenue.

However, based on my observations, a figure which truly stands out among the various media CEOs of Pakistan is Mr. Azhar Abbas, the CEO and president of Bol network. He is being offered the lifestyle that not only most of the corporate world can only dream of, but also makes him the envy of some of the CEOs in the top echelons of the media world.

In addition to a whopping eight-figure monthly salary, Azhar Abbas can reap the benefits of a Mercedes S class company maintained car, stock options, memberships to some of Karachi’s exclusive clubs and numerous other benefits being offered by Bol network to its employees, as mentioned on their website. Even when compared with international CEOs, the aforementioned package puts him at a very enviable level.

Media industry employees can surely take some encouragement from this and look forward to much better lifestyles. As more and more companies start taking the initiative, a lot of media executives can hope to achieve the aforementioned levels!

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