Tuesday, January 28, 2014

And The Oscar Goes to….

The 2014 Annual Academy Awards are highly awaited due to the superb nominees this year; both in the best film category and the best actor category.

The Oscars 2014 promises to be a spectacular affair. With the best movie category bulging from the winter blockbusters such as Wolf of Wall Street, Gravity and 12 Years a Slave among others. Similarly, the best actor category is also studded with powerful performances of the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, Matthew McConaughey and other great performances. We shall look at the aforementioned two categories mainly in this build up to the Annual Academy Awards 2014.

The best movie award looks to be a toss-up between Gravity, American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street and 12 Years a Slave. All these movies were highly anticipated and none of them failed to deliver.  Gravity looked fabulous on “3D” and “IMAX” but there was lack of depth in the story once you got past the effects. American Hustle used its all-star cast to its full potential with all of them playing key roles. The Wolf of Wall Street was a highly engaging movie helped by some outstanding acting from Leonardo Di Caprio. 12 Years a Slave was a different kind of story but it reached the heart of the viewers in ways none of the other nominees could.  It is definitely a favourite to win.

The moment I saw The Wolf of Wall Street, I thought Leonardo is going to win it this year! He gave such a masterful performance that it looked as if he would finally land the Oscar. However, once I saw Dallas Buyer’s Club, I just could not ignore Matthew McConaughey’s performance even though the movie itself was nowhere near the level of the greats mentioned above. The same could be said about Chiwetel Ejiofor’s role in 12 Years a Slave. Although his role was not as expressive as McConaughey’s or Di Caprio’s, it is definitely worth a mention.
Therefore, it might be difficult to predict, but the fans certainly have their favourites. Di Caprio’s role in Wolf might just get him a much-awaited Oscar, but the academy could decide on McConaughey who won the Screen Actors Guild award. It looks a closer race in the best movie category, where anyone of six movies could win it!

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